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Cheese Luise

Playful Learning for Ages 3 – 6

Just a few tweaks away ... Cheese Luise 1.2

What is coming soon...

Cheese Luise will receive some great improvements! We listened to all of your feedback and are still doing major changes. The final Cheese Luise will have 30% new features. The new name will be Cheese Luise – Farm Life and is coming out this summer for iOS. We will also start a blog soon where we talk about why we made those changes and what, learning for small children, fun facts about farm animals, and much more. If you have any question or concerns please don’t hesitate to email us.

Problem with iOS 8: We currently have some issues with our game running under iOS 8. There are error messages appearing. Please bear with us while we are working on this matter.


A few impressions from Cheese Luise

Not your typical farm. Take care of Luise and co. but watch out for Max, the cat.

Flo has an affinity for great smelling laundry.

Who is hiding underneath that hay stack?

Luise is very choosy with her food.

Can you rescue Susie, the pig?

Kasimir is crazy about cake.

Cheese Luise Gameplay Trailer


Our Stars


Luise, the goat. She’s an old grumpy lady who likes to be left in peace.


Susie, the pig. She is quite young and loves to play and eat. She’s also very curious. She is friends with Flo and Max.


Flo, the dog. He is still a young puppy. He loves to play and cuddle.

Lady Bell

Lady Bell, the sheep. She loves to dress up and is very vain.


Kasimir, the horse. Kasimir loves to eat and is very lazy.


And then there is our little rascal. The aspired photographer is young and easily bored. His best friend is Susie. That is why he is often jealous of Flo.


The Wizards behind the Scene

Lead and Game Design

Dr. Franziska Spring



Michael Hanselmann   website


Nadine Lanz


Dror Shpatz   website


Mischa Robert   website

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